North Native American Sky God
One of the first deities to be called into existence by QUAOAR, he helped to create the Universe and now looks after all space and sky-related matters and is the patron of all things that fly. He was recently reborn (recent in God time) and is constantly working to keep his people together. Many hardships they endured but still his people seek a refuge. He recalls the creation of the universe but nothing of his previous lives.
Lord of the Jetstream. is partner is CHEHOOIT, the Earth Mother. He has a special kin for dragons and usually can’t stand most Gods. He rules over a Sky realm of sky cities and fortresses and is known to have a power to negate gravity.

Real Name: Weywot Quick Mind the First of Creation the Reborn
Alignment: Unscrupulous
M.D.C.: 25,000 (5,000 On Rifts) (65,000 is his normal strength due to his origins he doesn’t need worshippers, but he does need to shed all of them get to full strength)
S.D.C./Hit Points (for non-M.D.C. worlds): 4,000 S.D.C. and 900
hit points.
Size: In humanoid form he stands 6 feet (1.8 m), otherwise, Weywot is up to 60 feet, and can take the form of a Giant eagle.
Weight: 200 Ibs (90 kg) in human form and 25 tons in monstrous form.

Species: A god/elemental hybrid.

Attributes: I.Q. 31, M.E. 29, M.A. 19, P.S. 40 (supernatural), P.P.
30, P.E. 30, P.B. 18(4), Spd 88 on the ground or air.

Disposition: Always vaguely distracted; it could be said that he has
his head in the clouds. He is often seen doing shamanistic rites and assisting his people.
He’s a young and active God recently reborn.
Horror Factor: 10 in human form, 18 in Eagle form.

Experience Level: 15th level Air Warlock, 15th level ley line walker, 15th Level Cloud Mage, 12th
level mind melter.

Natural Abilities: Keen hawk-like vision allowing him to see up to
two miles (3.2 km) away.
Nightvision 2000 feet (61 m),
see the invisible,
turn invisible at will,
knows all languages,
teleport 96%,
dimensional teleport 96%, impervious to disease, heat and cold.
Flight, Weywot does not need to eat, or breathe.
ness), can see in all spectrums of light, see creatures from the fourth
dimension, recognize/see through magic illusions, see the invisible,
s, bio-regeneration 1D4 X 100
M.D.C. per minute, invulnerable to electricity (does no damage),
resistant to energy (half damage),
healing touch restores 4D6 hit points/S.D.C. or M.D.C.
Special: Weather control: Can create storms as per the spell, equal
to a 20th level spell caster, six times per 24 hour period at no P.P.E.
cost! He can also summon lightning six times per day at no P.P.E.
cost (inflict 1D6 to 1D6X 10 M.D., his choice; range 2000 ft/610
m). Likewise, he can change the direction of the wind at will and
can “feel” wind changes, temperature changes and approaching weather systems.
Weywot always knows his exact location and can never get lost.
Special: Summon Lesser Air Elements: The sky god can summon
1D6 lesser air elementals at will to do his bidding. He can also see
and speak to all air elementals. Also see minions.
Special Ability: Sky Hammer and Sky Arrow – Like the Cloud magick spell except this costs the God nothing and does 3d6*10 damage double to supernatural, CoM and demons
Mystic Knowledge: All Invocations Level 1-15, Spells of Legend and Space Magick, All Elemental Air magick.
All Cloud Magick, Several Learned spells, can read all Magickal wards and Runes.
P.P.E 2500
I.S.P. 750
Eagle Flight – Can Fly at 400Mph As an eagle – Terryfying!
Special: Summon Air Elements: Weywot can summon 1D4 greater
air elementals and/or 4D6 lesser air elementals to do his bidding.
He can also see and speak to all air elementals.
Skills of Note: Generally not applicable — primordial force of nature.
Magically knows all languages, all lore, and any skill he finds
interesting or useful at the time; all at 90% proficiency.
Combat Skills: Natural Abilities.
Number of Attacks: Eight
Bonuses: + 8 on initiative and cannot be attacked from behind or by
surprise, +8 to strike, +12 to parry and dodge,+4 to pull punch, -1-4 to roll with impact or fall, -I-12 to
save vs horror factor, + 8 to save vs magic, + 6 to save vs psionics..
P.P.E. 2100
I.S.P. 750

Wetwot’s Eagles
Two eagles, frequently seen perched on Wetwot’s shoulders whenever
he’s in Rifts, are his mystic familiars. These intelligent supernatural
creatures can travel throughout the Megaverse, spying or scouting for
their master. They are very useful in observing areas that Wetwot’s magic cannot see and when he is away from Skymoon. Wetwot may also send the eagles to help or give advice to heroes and priests. The eagles rarely talk to strangers (although they could), but will guide travelers
out of harm’s way and give signs that represent their master’s wishes.
Beware, sometimes the eagles will lead characters who have angered
Wetwot to their doom. The stats for both eagles are identical.
Alignment: Aberrant
Attributes: I.Q. 15, M.E. 18, M.A. 18, P.S. 10, P.P. 20, P.E. 20,
P.B. 12, Spd 88 flying (60 mph/96 km).
M.D.C.: 75 (80 S.D.C. and 20 hit points in non-M.D.C. worlds) If
destroyed, Wetwot will recreate them. The new eagle will not know what
the previous one saw/experienced.
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 90 ft (27.4 m; can see in total darkness),
keen hawk-like vision (two mile/3.2 km range), takes half damage
from fire attacks, bio-regeneration lD4x 10 M.D.C. every hour.
Bonuses: + 2 on initiative, + 3 to strike and parry, -I- 5 to dodge, + 6
to save vs horror factor, + 6 to save vs magic, + 8 to save vs psionics.
Number of Attacks: Four: claws and beak/bite/peck does 1D4 M.D.,
while a flying body slam does 2D6 S.D.C. (no mega-damage, and
counts as two melee attacks).

9 APM +16 Strike Total
W.P. Archery. An expertise with bow weapons of all kinds. The
character can use all manner of bows and arrows. including short bows,
long bows. all types of modern compound bows, harpoon guns and
crossbow pistols. and repeating. light and heavy crossbows: Bonuses:
+I to strike at levels I, 2. 4, 6. S. I 0. 12 and 14. +I to parry with a bow
weapon (effective at level one). and +I to disarm at levels 2. 5. I 0 and
15. Rate of Fire: Two shots per melee round at level one and an extra
shot per melee round is added at levels 2. 4. 5. 8, I 0. 12 and 14. Range:
See list below, and a trained archer may try a shot at 50% greater distance
but does so without benefit of any bonus to strike or disarm.
Note: The character loses all bonuses and reduce the rate of fire by half
when running and shooting, tlying. riding on horseback or when shooting
from a moving vehicle or while otherwise unbalanced.
Average Ranges & S.D.C. Damage per Arrow:
Short Bow- 340 feet (I 04 m)- I D6 damage.
Long Bow- 640 feet ( 195 m)- 2D6 damage.
Compound Bow- 700 feet (213 m) – 2D6+ I damage.
Harpoon Gun- 120 feet (36.5 m)- I D I 0 damage.
Light Crossbow- 340 feet (I 04 m)- 2D4 damage.
Heavy Crossbow (large)- 600 feet (182m)- 2D8 damage.
Pistol Crossbow (small)- 120 feet (36.5 m)- I D6 damage.

W.P. Targeting. Expertise with thrown and projectile weapons (but
not bows and arrows, crossbows, or guns), such as the sling. slingshot,
boomerangs. shurikens, throwing knives, throwing sticks, axes (small)
and spears, even siege weapons. Bonuses: +I to strike at levels I, 3. 7
and I 0. Characters who select both W.P. Targeting and another W.P.
for a missile weapon (but not thrown swords, large axes, staves, etc.)
get the usual bonuses for that W.P .. plus the bonus from W.P. Targeting.
Can also throw two small items, like knives, shurikens or
throwing sticks. simultaneously at the same target. Requires: Any one
W.P. for a missile weapon such as a spear. Note: The character loses
all bonuses and the rate of fire is halL when running and shooting or
throwing. flying. when riding on horseback or from a moving vehicle,
or otherwise unbalanced.
Typical Effective Range & Damage per Weapon Type:
Bolas: 30 feet (9 m) · 204 damage.
Blowgun: 30 feet (9 m) -· I D4 damage.
Boomerangs 60 feet ( I X m) – I [)6 damage.
Bnck or Stone. thrown: 50 feet ( 15.2 m) – I D6 damage.
Dan· JO feet (9 m) I D4 damage.
Hand Cirenadc: 100 feet (30.5 m)- damage varies.
Javelin. 300 fed (915 m)- 1[)6 damage.
Net: 30 feet (9 m) No damage.
Sling or Slingshot: XO feet (24m)- I 06 damage.
Spear. thrown: I 00 feet (30.5 m)- I 06 or 206 damage.
Throwing Knives & Shurikens- 60 feet ( 18.3 m)- I D6 damage.
Throwing Sticks: 40 feet ( 12.2 m)- I D6 damage.
Throwing Axes: 40 feet ( 12.2 m)- 2D4 damage.
Trident: 50 feet ( 15.2 m)- 2D8 damage.
Note: Increase the effective throwing range by 30% for characters
with Augmented (Bionic/Juicer/Crazy) P.S., 50% for Robotic P.S. and
triple the range for Supernatural Strength (quadruple range if Supernatural
P.S. is 31 or greater).
Spears. javelins, shurikens, throwing knives/irons, throwing sticks,
and throwing axes can be thrown by anybody without penalty at the
typical effective range listed above.
Throwing Awkward Items: Swords, large axes, hammers, clubs,
maces. pole arms and most other handheld weapons as well as articles
like frying pans, shovels. toasters, large bricks. furniture, etc., are not
designed to be thrown. Consequently, the average throwing range is a
mere 20 feet (6 m) and the character is -I to strike. An attacker can try
to throw such weapons farther, but is -3 to strike for every additional I 0
feet (3 m) beyond 20 (6 m). Note: Characters with Augmented/Bionic,
Robotic or Supernatural P.S. can throw their weight limit (below) the
distance their P. S. allows. but they too are -I to strike tossing the ungainly
object at one third the maximum possible distance, -3 to strike at
half that distance, and -6 to strike farther than half.
Heavy Items and Distances: Half the character’s maximum carrying
weight could be thrown one foot (0.3 m) per every point of human P.S.
For example, a character with a P.S. 9 could throw 45 pounds (20 kg)
nine feet (2.7 m), a P.S. of 15 could throw 75 lbs (34 kg) 15 feet (4.6
m), or a P.S. 32 could throw 320 pounds ( 144 kg) a distance of 32 feet
(9.7 m). The penalties above apply.
Double the range (2 feet/0.6 m per P.S. point) for Augmented/Bionic
P.S, and triple the range (3 feet/0.9 m per P.S. point) for Robotic P.S.;
the penalties above apply (see Note).
Supernatural P.S. of 17 or higher can throw half their maximum
carrying weight (P.S. number x25) five feet ( 1.5 m) per P.S. point, so a
Supernatural P.S. of 24 can carry 1200 lbs (540 kg) and throw half as
much 120 feet (36.6 m, but only 40 feet/12.2 m with a minimal penalty
of -I to strike). Supernatural P. S. of 16 or less is the same as Robotic
P.S. The penalties noted above apply.
No P.S. Damage Bonus: The damage bonus for Strength does NOT
apply to arrows fired from a bow, or from a thrown weapon unless the
O.C.C. description specifically says that it does. There are a few very
special O.C.C.s that get the damage bonus for arrows and thrown weapons,
but normally the damage bonus is only for melee combat.
Aimed Attack/Called Shot: A thrown weapon is considered a
ranged attack. however, the P.P. attribute bonus to strike does apply,
and you can do an Aimed or Called Shot (aimed at a specitic target,
weapon, hand, rope, etc.) with thrown weapons. A thrown weapon can
also be used to disarm via an Aimed or Called Shot/toss; bonuses to
disarm via Hand to Hand Combat apply.
A Natural 19 or 20 Does Double Damage: An unmodified die roll to
strike before bonuses are added is a Critical Strike with a thrown
weapon when a Natural 19 or 20 is rolled. and docs double damage. If
the attack was an Aimed/Called Shot to disarm. the attack is an automatic
success. The only way for this attack to be parried or dodged by
an opponent is for the defender to match or better the roll with his own
Natural, unmodified. die roll.
Attacks per Melee Round: Unless stated otherwise. each thrown
item counts as one melee attack/action. Thus. if a character normally
has four hand to hand attacks per melee. they can throw four knives or
darts per melee round. Some exotic weapons may require a spinning
action or time to throw that takes up two or more melee attacks.