Esperetto (Fey Harp, Spirit Harp or the Hazel Harp) – Though the Esperetto is a part of musical traditions throughout the Elven diaspora, the Chanters of the Otheros are widely considered to be the greatest masters of this complex instrument.

Among humans it is often called the Fey Harp, Spirit Harp or the Hazel Harp. (after the legendary Hazel of Ewrood, credited with introducing the instrument to human musicians around 1650.) Despite it’s name, the Esperetto is a fretted instrument with 13 strings, typically made of one of several species of elven tonewoods with a perforated metal top plate. Though not necessarily enchanted, players with arcane gifts can focus their energy into the instrument while playing, producing complex harmonies, echoes, and other effects impossible for the common musician

Bard of Otheros – The Bards of Otheros are known to take Esperetto playing even further, weaving music and illusion into wondrous, beautiful performances. To those without such gifts, it is a difficult, if versatile, instrument with a lovely, rich tone. Nevertheless, there are a few human cultures who have adopted various versions of the Esperetto into their own musical traditions.

Guardians of Otheros – always looking for potential acolytes.

Chanters of the Otheros – Widely considered to be the greatest masters of the Esperetto

Elven diaspora – was a thing

Hazel of Ewrood – Credited with introducing the Esperetto to human musicians around 1650.

Otheros – The “Jewel of the Earth and Sea” is an important cultural capital to the Elf Clans. Located where the Great Eastern Forests and the Opal Mountains converge at the ocean, the city-state is ruled by the Radiant King Epheren IV and Queen Shassial of the Waves, and hosts the High Clan Council, which presides over all the major eastern Elf clans.

Otheros is a major capital of knowledge and Trade, and, is known among the great Elf cities for being relatively open to humans and other outsiders

Elf Clans – Are a thing.

Nef’s clan (Teriangullis) – magically endowed elven clan

Great Eastern Forests – is a place

Opal Mountains – is a place

Radiant King Epheren IV of the Waves – Ruler of the city-state of Otheros

Queen Shassial of the Waves – Ruler of the city-state of Otheros

High Clan Council – which presides over all the major eastern Elf clans.

Tarrak – aka the ancient Forest, thr forest of Elder Trees. The human lands are to the south of it.

Shaman – Known by a mark, chosen by the trees.

Fledriella – mother of Elgarion (Nef’s char)

Heroes of legend of Meldor – guardians who left the clan to the human lands to the south

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