Name: Martin Wolff
R.C.C/O.C.C:    Warlock Marine
Alignment Unsrcupulous
Hit Points S.D.C: 102
Race: Tsubellian Experience:
 Age/Lifespan:  30/2000 Level: 2 Sex:   Male
I.Q.: 15 Skill Bonus: %
M.E.: 24 Sv. Psi: 5 Sv. Ins:
M.A.: 27 Trust/Intimidate: 92% %
P.S.: 31 A.R.:
P.P.: 29
P.E.: 30
P.B.: 16 Charm/Impress: 30% %
Spd (mph)    25 Flying:
PER.: 0
PPE:  81 I.S.P.: 40 Armor A.R.: 40
Primary Form
UWW Martial Arts
#Att. 6 Init. 1
Str. Par. 13
Dod. 13 Dmg. 14
Roll. 3 K.O.
Crit. Flip
Death 5′ 11″
Height: 5′ 11″ Weight: 225 Lbs Age: 30/2000
Physical Description:
Looks like a young hip human in his 40’s with a back pack.
O.C.C. Skills: Base %/lvl # %
Radio: Basic 10% 0 0 0
Language\Literacy: Trade One (+ I 0%) 0 0 0
Computer Operation (+5%) 0 0 0
Detect Ambush (+I 0%) 0 0 0
Detect Concealment (+10%) 0 0 0
Lore: Demon and Monster (+10%) 0 0 0
Pilot: Robots and Power Armor 0 0 0
Pilot: Power Armor Elite 0 0 0
Pilot Tank (+5%) 0 0 0
Weapon Systems (+ 10%) 0 0 0
Read Sensory Equipment (+I 0%) 0 0 0
Boxing 0 0 0
Body Building 0 0 0
Climbing 0 0 0
W.P. Energy Pistol 0 0 0
W.P. Energy Rifle 0 0 0
0 0 0
Basic Math 0 0 0
Computer Operation 0 0 0
Art – Scupltiing 0 0
Lore: Magick 0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
Secondary Skills Base %/lvl # %
 Wrestling 0 0
Gymnastics 0 0
0 0
Space Navigation 0
Cooking 0
Combat Zero G 0
Weapon Proficiences
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Sword
W.P. Paried Weapons
Natural/Special Abilities, Powers:

+4 to save vs magic of any kind, +3 to save vs mind controlling psionics or drugs, + I to save vs poisons and toxins. A side-effect of this is the ability to drink enormous quantities of alcohol without ill effect – Warlock Marines are famous for being able to drink any sapient under a table.
4. Magical Abilities: At first level, Magic Specialists learn the following spells:
Globe of Daylight
See the Invisible
Sense Evil
Detect Concealment
Armor of Ithan
Invisibility: Simple
Magic Net
Level 2 Spell Slot –
At every level after the first, the character is taught one new spell equal to his own level of experience. Most spells taught have military, healing or sensory applications.

Intuitive Combat (I 0)
Machine Ghost ( 12)
Mind Block (4)
Object Read (6)
Sixth Sense (2)
Speed Reading (2)
Telepathy ( 4)
Total Recall (2)
Impervious to Cold (2)

Bin-Manipulation (I 0)
Telekinesis (Super) (I 0+)

Stone Magic

All stone masters possess the following knowledge and abilities
whether they are True Atlanteans or not.
1. Mold stone. A stone master can mold solid granite or any type of
stone/rock with his bare hands as if it were clay. This power does
not transform the rock to clay! Anybody touching a work in progress
will find the substance to be rock hard, even though the sorcerer
molds it like soft clay! This enables stone masters to sculpt weapons
like stone clubs, and make fabulous statues without any apparent
seams or tool marks. Base Sculpting Skill: 25% +5% per level
of experience. Add 15% to characters with a skill in art.
The power to mold stone enables the character to create bricks
and blocks of stone from squashing together pebbles or cutting
them out of boulders (using his hands), as well as smooth out chips
and cracks, add rock to a stone structure, remold statues, and so on.
P.P.E. Cost: 20 per hour. Molding concrete or plaster (artificial
stone) costs twice as much P.P.E. per hour. Asphalt and processed
metals are not considered to be a stone.
Note: A stone master can NOT create stone out of thin air, nor
can he turn clay or any other object into stone. Likewise, he cannot
cause stone to crumble or rupture.
2. Push stone. The character can dig through any form of rock similar
to molding stone. In an inexplicable way, he can push, scoop, and
remove areas of stone to create an indentation or hole in or through
a stone structure. By pushing rock out of the way there is no debris
or evidence of construction. The character can simply push the
rock away like a wall of soft clay. This process can be used to
create a peephole, portal, doorway, or other opening through a
stone wall, make a tunnel through a mountain, and so forth. Much
like molding stone, the process requires physical exertion and activity
by the stone master — an opening does not magically appear
nor does the stone magically disappear. Working quickly, the sorcerer
can push or dig through 500 pounds (225 kg) of rock per
The stone master can use this power to pull or push stone up
from a stone wall or floor to create a solid rock mound or appendage
to block or shut a door behind him. Appendages that jut out from
the floor or wall are easy to break by using force (4D6 S.D.C.).
Pushing a mound or ridge of rock from a stone floor is a strong
impediment, requiring that the door be removed from its hinges
or destroyed to get through. Making a mound from the floor take&
one full melee (15 seconds); an appendage, two melee actions/attacks.
P.P.E. Cost: One P.P.E. per minute. Digging or pushing through
concrete or plaster (artificial stone) costs twice as much P.P.E. per
minute. It is not possible to dig through asphalt or metal.
3. Pick up and carry incredible weights of stone without exhaustion.
The character can pick up and cany massive amounts of
weight in stone, including all varieties of rock, shale, and gems.
Weight equal to 1000 times his P.S. attribute. So a character with
a strength of 9 could pick up and carry 9000 pounds (4050 kg) or
four and a half tons of rock. A character with a P.S. of 24 could
carry 24,000 pounds (10,800 kg) or 12 tons(!), but only of rock.
Other substances, like wood, cloth, steel, plastic, people, or anything
other than rock/stone have the normal weight, encumbrance
and fatigue elements.
P.P.E. Cost: One P.P.E. per minute.
4. Move stone mentally. This power is typically used for transporting
rocks and building. The stone master can pull rocks out of the
ground and/or cause stones to roll along the ground toward him or
to a particular area within 1000 feet (305 m). He can move the
stones to create a design/picture on the ground, a pile, or a wall
of piled rock. Limitations: Earth-bound — rolls along the ground
at a speed of 11 (seven and a half mph/12 km). The character can
move up to 500 pounds (225 kg) per level of experience per minute.
Range and Area of effect: 1000 feet (305 m).
Note: Rolling rocks as an attack is not very efficient. The slow
speed means that a living target can easily move or dodge out of
harm’s way. Furthermore, the target of a rolling rock attack will
see and hear the boulder or pile of rocks rolling toward him well
in advance of the rocks reaching him. Rolling rock attacks are
always -4 to strike.
However, this method of moving rocks can cause a landslide,
under the right conditions. Better yet, a floor or area can be covered
with pebbles or small rocks and then they could be magically made
to roll/move around. This makes the surface of that area difficult
to walk on, like a floor of rolling marbles. Victims of this trick
lose two melee actions/attacks, bonuses to strike, parry and dodger
are -2, and their speed is reduced by half.
P.P.E. Cost: Two P.P.E. per minute.
5. Levitation and telekinesis of stone. The mage can also mentally
levitate rock straight up or down and slowly move them through
the air side to side as if by telekinesis. Levitation and telekinesis
of rock is usually used for building and stacking and moving bricks,
blocks, and materials. The stone mage can levitate or move a rock
platform through the air with somebody riding on top of it, but the
passenger’s weight counts as part of the rock’s total weight and
the rock must be big enough and strong enough to support that
weight. Limitations: Up to 500 pounds (225 kg) per level of
experience per minute can be moved in this manner. The range of
movement up, down or sideways is limited to 30 feet (9 m) per
level of experience.
Note: The rocks move at a ponderous speed of five, about three
and a half miles per hour (5.6 km). So they do not make very good
vehicles or weapons. However, dropping rocks on people can be
an effective attack if they don’t notice a boulder or pile of rocks
floating in the air above their heads. Such attacks also require
excellent timing.
Rock drop attacks: Always — 3 to strike no matter what. Damage:
1D6 S.D.C damage for under 15 Ibs (4.5 kg), 2D6 + 2 S.D.C.
damage for 16 to 50 Ibs (5 kg to 22.6 kg), 4D6 + 6 S.D.C. damage
for 51 to 100 Ibs (27 to 45 kg) and 1D4 x 10+ 10 S.D.C. per each
additional 100 Ibs (45 kg). A rock weighing 200 pounds (90 kg)
will inflict the equivalent of one M.D. point. Add one M.D. point
of damage for each additional 350 pounds (157.5 kg).
P.P.E. Cost: Four P.P.E. per minute.
6. Sense Water. The stone master can sense the location of water
above and belowground, including surface lakes and ponds, underground
streams and rivers, and underground pockets of water,
sewers, and pipelines. The level of accuracy is 35% + 5% per level
of experience. Limitations: Sensing range is one mile (1.6 km)
per level of experience. The mage can sense water underground
as deep as 200 feet (61 m) per level of experience.
P.P.E. Cost: Four per ten minutes.
7. Sense supernatural beings under the earth. Similar to sensing
water, except the mage can sense the presence of supernatural
beings such as ghouls, nymphs, and elementals within the earth,
but not above ground. The level of accuracy is 30% + 5% per level
of experience. Limitations: Sensing range is half a mile (0.8 km)
per level of experience. The mage can sense underground beings
as deep as 200 feet (61 m) per level of experience.
P.P.E. Cost: Four per ten minutes.
8. Locate Secret Passages. The stone master can sense the location
of secret compartments built into stone structures or under the
earth, including pyramids. Base skill is 20% +5% per level of
experience. Not applicable to wood or other types of material.
Range is 5ft (1.5m) per level of experience.
9. P.P.E.: Like all men of magic, the stone master is a living battery
of mystic energy that he can draw on to create magic. Unlike the
other magic O.C.C.s, the stone master can store and draw on vast
amounts of P.P.E. through stone pyramids (explained in the section
entitled, Pyramid Technology). Permanent Base P.P.E. for Atlanteans:
The P.E. attribute times three, plus the usual bonus for
Atlanteans and from magic tattoos. Add 2D6 P.P.E per each additional
level of experience. Of course the mage can draw on energy
from ley lines, nexus points, gem stones and pyramids, but not
from other living beings. P.P.E. Recovery is 10 per hour or 15
through meditation.
Base P.P.E. for Non-Atlantean Stone Masters: The P.E. attribute
times two plus 30 points. Add 2D6 P.P.E per additional level of
experience. Also the mage can draw on energy from ley lines,
nexus points, gem stones and pyramids, but not from other living
beings. P.P.E. Recovery is 5 per hour or 10 if meditating.
Gem Powers-
Another area of stone magic known to the stone masters (Atlantean
or not), is gem magic, which allows the sorcerer to draw upon powers
and abilities from gems, as well as reshape them. “Gems” include most
semiprecious and precious stones, quartz, and crystals but not glass.
Gem Shaping
The character can mentally shape a gem stone as if it had been cut
and polished by a professional, adding facets and accents as desired.
The stone master must be holding the gem and requires several minutes
of concentration to “shape” a gem. Elegant and intricate designs can
be accomplished and are especially desirable for earrings, rings and
necklaces. This power enables the character to cut rough stones into
jewelry quality gems, or to disguise stolen gems, changing their original
appearance. These gems are usually of a superior quality and will often
sell at a higher percentage of the current market value (typically 50%
to 75%).
Note: All cuts and changes are permanent.
Base skill at stonecutting/shaping: 8% for every level of experience.
Drawing on mystic energy can boost the skill percentage. Add a skill
bonus of one percent per each P.P.E. point up to a maximum of 10%.
A failed roll means the stone is ruined and worthless.
Drawing Power from Stones
Stone masters can draw magic and psionic powers from certain precious
and semiprecious stones, particularly crystals. The powers listed
are identical to the psionic or magic spell of the same name.
Requirements: All stones must be free of any serious flaw and must be
cut and polished to have a faceted/crystal appearance. Chips and slivers
cannot be used, only whole stones with a crystal cut. Only one type
of power can be focused and released from a particular gem at a time.
The stones may be made into rings and other types of jewelry.
Limitations: Power can be drawn from small gems three times and large
gems six times. After the third or sixth usage, the gem crumbles and
turns to dust. Even after the first use, the gem will become flawed or
discolored (worth half normal value).
Range: Touch; the user must hold or have the gem on his/her person
and mentally concentrate on using the gem(s). If the power gem is
dropped or lost, that particular power instantly stops, but that usage is
still used up.
Damage and Abilities: Varies with the gem; can activate one gem power
per melee and can combine up to three different powers/gems.
Duration: One minute/four melees per level of experience. All bonuses
and power are temporary. Attribute bonuses from super abilities are
NOT applicable.
P.P.E. cost to activate: 5 P.P.E. to activate worthless stones like salt
and sulfur, 10 P.P.E. to activate a semiprecious gem or crystal like
quartz, agate, or amethyst, and 20 P.P.E. to activate a precious gem
stone like a zircon, aquamarine, ruby, or emerald.
Penalty: Remaining focused on the use of the power gem(s) means the
user is — 2 on initiative and dodging.
Note: Only the stone master can use the magic from the stones, it cannot
be transferred or given to others.
Index of the Powers Available from Stones:
Bio-Manipulation — Star Sapphire
Cloud of Smoke — Sulfur Crystals
Cure Illness — Rose Quartz
Detect Concealment — Amber
Detect Psionics — Amethyst
Empathy — Garnet
Empathic Transfer — Most Sapphires
Energy Disruption — Ruby Quartz
Escape — Clear Zircon
Eyes of the Wolf — Alexandrite
Fire Ball — Red Ruby
Fire Bolt — Red Zircon
Float in Air — Clear Zircon
Fools Gold — Yellow or Brown Zircon
Fly as the Eagle — Diamond
Globe of Daylight — Clear Quartz
Heal Wounds — Agate
Impervious to Fire — Smoky Quartz
Impervious to Energy — Red Zircon
Invisibility (Superior) — Emerald
Invulnerability — Diamond
Mask of Deceit — Yellow or Brown Zircon
Mind Block — Black Tourmaline
Negate Poison — Topaz
P.P.E. Battery — Diamond & Emerald
Protection From Faeries — Salt Crystals
Shadow Meld — Black Sapphire
Swim as a Fish — Aquamarine
Wisps of Confusion — Blue Ruby
The Powers of the Stones
Agate (red-orange): Heal Wounds (same as the spell; see Rifts,
page 175). Average cost: 3D4x 10 credits per small stone (double for
large stones).
Amber: Detect Concealment (same as the spell; see Rifts, page 169).
Average cost: 2D6 x 100 credits per small stone (triple for large stones).
Alexandrite: Eyes of the Wolf (same as the spell; see Rifts, page
180). Average cost: 1D6 x 1000 credits per small stone (triple for large
Amethyst crystal: Any of the following psionic powers can be drawn
from this crystal: detect psionics, hypnotic suggestion, and meditation.
Average cost: 2D4 x 100 credits per small stone (triple for large stones).
Aquamarine: Swim as the Fish: Superior (same as the spell; see
Rifts, page 175). Average cost: 1D4X1000 credits per small stone
(triple for large stones).
Diamond: Invulnerability or Fly as the Eagle (same as the spells;
see Rifts, page 178 and 175). Average cost for a small, nicely cut
diamond: lD6x 1000 credits. Large diamonds cost 15,000 credits per
carat. The diamond must be at least one carat to use the power of
invulnerability (counts as a large gem).
Diamonds and emeralds can also be used to store P.P.E. energy.
The gem must be at least one carat and can hold as much as 25 P.P.E.
points. To charge the gem with energy, the mage must meditate at a
ley line nexus or stone pyramid and channel some of its energy into
the gem. The entire process takes about 10 minutes. Gems used as
P.P.E. storage batteries can be used only as a battery (cannot be drawn
upon for magic powers). The energy can be drawn on at any time by
the stone master as long as it is in his possession. The gem can be
charged up to six times before crumbling.
Emerald (green): Invisibility: Superior (same as the spell; see Rifts,
page 178). Average cost for a small, nicely cut emerald: lD6x 1000
credits. Large emeralds cost 16,000 credits per carat.
Garnet: Empathy (same as the psionic power). Average cost for a
small, nicely cut garnet: 4D4x 100 credits. Large garnets cost 1,000
credits per carat.
Quartz (clear): Globe of Daylight (same as the spell; see Rifts page
168). Average cost: 3D4x 10 credits per small stone (triple for large
Quartz (rose): Cure Illness (same as the spell; see Rifts, page 176).
Average cost: 5D6 x 10 credits per small stone (quadruple for large
Quartz (ruby): Energy Disruption (same as the spell; see Rifts, page
174) Average cost: 6D6 x 10 credits per small stone (quadruple for
large stones).
Quartz (smoky): Impervious to Fire (same as the spell; see Rifts,
page 171). Average cost: 5D6X 10 credits per small stone (triple for
large stones).
Ruby (deep red): Fire Ball (same as the spell; see Rifts, page 176).
Average cost for a small, nicely cut ruby: 1D6X 1000 credits. Large
rubies cost 19,000 credits per carat.
Ruby (blue): Wisps of Confusion (same as the spell; see Rifts, page
182). Average cost for a small, nicely cut ruby: 1D6X 1000 credits.
Large rubies cost 18,000 credits per carat.
Sapphire (black): Shadow Meld (same as the spell; see Rifts, page
173). Average cost for a small, nicely cut saphire: 2D4 X 1000 credits.
Large saphire cost 20,000 credits per carat.
Star Sapphire: Bio-manipulation (same as the super psionic power).
Average cost for a small, nicely cut star sapphire: 2D4 X 1000 credits.
Large star sapphires cost 20,000 credits per carat.
Sapphire (most other colors): Empathic Transfer (same as the super
psionic power). Average cost for a small, nicely cut sapphire:
1D6 x 1000 credits. Large sapphires cost 16,000 credits per carat.
Salt Crystals (off-white color): Protection from Faeries, + 2 to save
vs faerie magic and the faerie will not come closer than six feet (1.8
m) to the protected character.
Sulfur Crystals (yellow in color): Cloud of Smoke (same as the
spell; see Rifts, page 168). Average cost for a small crystal: 2D4 x 10
credits (triple for large crystals).
Topaz (yellow or brown): Negate Poison (same as the spell; see
Rifts, page 171). Average cost for a small crystal: lD4x 100 credits
(triple for large crystals).
Tourmaline (black): Mind Block (same as the psionic power). Average
cost: 2D6 x 10 credits per small stone (double for large stones).
Zircon (clear): Float in Air or Escape (same as the spells; see Rifts,
page 170 and 175). Average cost for a small, nicely cut zircon:
4D6x 100 credits. Large zircon costs 3500 credits per carat.
Zircon (red): Impervious to Energy or shoot Fire Bolt (same as the
spells; see Rifts, page 171 and 173). Average cost for a small, nicely
cut zircon: 3D4 x 100 credits. Large zircon costs 2000 credits per carat.
Zircon (yellow, brown or gold): Fool’s Gold or Mask of Deceit
(same as the spells; see Rifts, page 172 and 176). Average cost for a
small, nicely cut zircon: 4D4X100 credits. Large zircon costs 300
credits per carat.
Note about precious gems: Precious gem stones tend to cost much
more in the world of Rifts than in our modern Earth, because they are
far less accessible. Gems are typically found only in certain places in
the world and may be very difficult to acquire. Rubies and sapphires
of all kinds are especially rare in North and South America and Europe.
The are found primarily in Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka (they are
typically 40% less expensive at those geographic locations). Emeralds
are found mainly in Colombia (South America), Egypt, and South
Africa, Aquamarine is found in Brazil, Colombia, Siberia, and the
Urals (Russia). Diamonds are most abundant in South Africa. Brazil,
Venezuela, and found to a lesser degree in all of Africa and parts of
Colombia, Mongolia, Siberia and the Urals (Russia). Synthetic diamonds
and synthetic zircon (man-made) do not work for magic.


Pyramid Technology
Stone magic is a very specific type of magic that does not involve
spellcasting. Instead, all the sorcerer’s powers and abilities are derived
from rock and gem stones. The manipulation of the stones instills the
sorcerer with great power. Placing those stones into the shape of a giant
pyramid instills the sorcerer with even greater power and control.
One of the central elements of stone magic is the power of the stone
pyramid. For reasons unknown to even the stone masters, the pyramids
provide human beings and the stone masters in particular, with increased
magic power and control over potential psychic energy (P.P.E.), magic,
ley lines and rifts. Using a stone pyramid, the sorcerer can increase his
powers, eliminate ley line storms, control the weather, teleport, and
open rifts.
The True Atlanteans and the Splugorth use stone pyramids as a means
to erect entire cities using magic. After a large portion of the city has
been built, the pyramid typically becomes a critical place within the
city and is used for healing, science, magic, and dimensional travel.
One minor pyramid can be placed on the same ley line every five miles.
Placing more pyramids on the same line does nothing to increase or
control the ley line energy and these late additions have NO mystic
Only one pyramid can be placed on a ley line nexus. These are the
most powerful and coveted locations for a stone pyramid. ALL the
major Splugorthian cities are built around a gigantic pyramid on top of
a nexus.
The Powers of Stone Pyramids
Note: A pyramid built out of any other material has no special properties.
1. Slow aging process. Sleeping overnight inside a stone pyramid
removes stress and fatigue, renewing the body of any creature
within its confines. True Atlanteans are physically rejuvenated to
such a degree that they remain youthful in appearance, and they
actually increase their life span; add one year for every 365 days
of sleep in a pyramid located at a nexus, or every 730 days in a
pyramid located on a ley line.
P.P.E. Cost: Negligible — effectively none.
2. Healing. Laying or resting inside a stone pyramid for 24 hours
will completely remove stress and fatigue and increases healing.
Stone masters heal three times faster than normal and P.P.E. is
restored at twice the normal rate. True Atlanteans, humans, ogres
and dragons will heal twice as fast and P.P.E. recovery is 20 point
per half hour.
Other races will heal at one and a half times faster than usual.
P.P.E. recovery is the same as being at a ley line or nexus.
Increased healing occurs at stone pyramids located on ley lines
and nexuses.
P.P.E. Cost: Negligible — effectively none.
3. Stasis sleep. The stone master can place himself into a state of
suspended animation that can last days, years or decades. All the
mage must do is go inside the pyramid, relax and meditate, focusing
on the amount of time he wishes to remain in stasis. During stasis,
the character ages one week for every ten years, requires no food
or water, is unaffected by changes in temperature, and is completely
healed of any wounds or minor illness.
The character will be woken from stasis if he or the pyramid is
attacked. There is no means of protection like a force field. Special
arrangements must be made to have some sort of guardian. Note:
If the stone master was one of the pyramid’s builders, he will have
his own, personal, secret chamber. These chambers are typically
the size of a large bedroom or den and are always — 20% to be
Stasis sleep is possible at all stone pyramids whether it is located
on a ley line or a nexus.
P.P.E. Cost: Negligible — effectively none.
4. The focus and control of available P.P.E. The stone pyramids
might be thought of as mystic dams used to harness, control, and
direct ley line energy. This means that the energy and bonuses of
increased power normally available from untapped ley lines is not
available from ley lines or nexuses with a pyramid on them. These
normal bonuses are available only when actually on or inside the
controlling pyramid. Only the stone masters enjoy super increased
abilities and even they cannot tap that energy unless they actually
stand on or inside the pyramid.
To free a ley line or nexus of the pyramid’s control, it must be
destroyed! Unfortunately, all stone pyramids are mega-damage
structures. Even a small pyramid is typically the equivalent to a
five to ten story building (never any smaller).
Small pyramid (100 to 200 feet tall): 2D4x 1000 M.D.C.
Medium (300 to 500 feet tall): 1D4X 10,000
Large (600 to 1000 feet tall): 2D6x 10,000
Huge (1100 feet/335 m or taller): 2D4X 100,000
5. Harmonious affect on ley line storms & random rifts. The construction
of a stone pyramid directly on a ley line nexus enables
the builder to control that nexus and has a calming affect on the
connecting ley lines. This calming affect reduces the number of
ley line storms by 70% and virtually eliminates the possibilities of
a rift randomly appearing (1% chance of an annual occurrence
along a ley line or 4% at a ley line nexus).
When a ley line storm does occur, the stone master can change
its direction and has a 5% chance per level of experience of stopping
it within 1D4 minutes.
The stone master can also close a dimensional rift that has randomly
opened within 2D4 melees (30 to 120 seconds), but must
expend 500 P.P.E. to do so!
6. Increases the power of stone magic. Stone masters inside or on
a stone pyramid at a nexus enjoy a dramatic increase in power.
Traditionally the increased power was used by True Atlanteans for
constructing other buildings and entire cities around the pyramid,
and controlling the weather and random rifting.
At nexus: Quadruples the duration, range, area of influence,
amount of stone/weight one can affect, damage, and power of stone
magic and triples the powers and effects drawn from gems/crystals.
A stone pyramid built on a ley line, but not at a nexus will triple
the power of stone magic and double powers drawn from gems
and crystals.
Note: Other practitioners of magic do not enjoy the usual increase
of power and the additional availability of P.P.E. as they normally
would at a ley line or nexus, unless they are actually on or inside
the pyramid.
7. Storage of Potential Psychic Energy (P.P.E.). All stone pyramids
are constantly using P.P.E. energy to maintain a constant flow of
energy used for other magic affects as previously listed. Even so,
the pyramid becomes charged with a reservoir of energy. The
amount of P.P.E. has a natural ebb and flow so that there is never
a consistent amount of energy.
The range of available P.P.E. at any six hour interval is
5D6 x 100 (that’s 500 to 3000 points) from pyramids located on a
ley line nexus. 2D4 x 100 from stone pyramids located on a ley
line, but away from a nexus.
When the energy reserve is depleted, six hours is required for
the stone pyramid to renew itself with P.P.E. (roll the dice previously
indicated). However, none of that new energy is available
until the full six hours have passed.
Depletion of the reserve will not negate or lessen the basic effects
(numbers 1-6) of stone pyramids. Insufficient P.P.E. may make
teleportation or rifting impossible.
8. Create and control a ley line storm. The stone master can discharge
ALL the pyramid’s energy reserve to instantly create a ley
line storm. The mage can then control and direct the storm’s movement
(limited to traveling along connecting ley lines) and all of
the storm’s effects/powers/damage (can turn them on and off, select
specific effects, and direct energy blasts at specific targets/individuals
or area).
The storm will last one minute for every 100 P.P.E. points spent
to create it. The storm’s creator can stop it at any one place or
make it disappear at any time. If the creator is killed or knocked
unconscious, the storm runs wild for the maximum possible duration
plus 2D4 minutes.
P.P.E. Cost (drawn from the pyramid’s reserves): All!
9. Control the weather around the pyramid. The stone master can
use the power of the ley lines to influence the local weather.
Traditionally this was done to protect and help the cities and communities
around the pyramid by creating rain for crops and water
during droughts, preventing damaging storms, and for general protection.
Weather controlling abilities are identical to the following
spells, except the range, area of affect and duration are increased
by four times.
Spells include: Calm storm, summon fog, summon rain, and extinguish
P.P.E. Cost (drawn from the pyramid’s reserves): 200 to simultaneously
use and all the spells.
10. Pyramid communication. A True Atlantean or stone master can
magically communicate with people at other pyramids. A holographic-like
image will appear to a specific individual or to everybody
present if a general call/message is sent. The person making
the transmission can see and hear the person at the other pyramid
if the message sent to a specific person. The lines of communication
can remain open for five minutes per every 50 P.P.E. expended.
There is no range limit other than being on the same
planet. A two-way transmission between dimensions is also possible,
but at a cost of 100 P.P.E. per every two minutes.
The character making a transmission to another pyramid can
also leave a recorded message. The message plays the moment
the intended recipient arrives at the pyramid (messages will be
stored for 100 years or until received by the intended person,
whichever comes first). P.P.E. cost is 100 points per five minutes
or 200 points for two minutes when sending to another dimension.
P.P.E. Cost (drawn from the pyramid’s reserves): Varies as described
11. Teleportation via pyramids. Stone pyramids built on ley lines
or on nexus junctions are connected by an invisible grid of magic
energy. This means an individual can teleport from one pyramid
to another on the same grid. The only requirements are that the
pyramid be in the same dimension, on the same planet, and the
person teleporting must know the location of the other pyramid.
The process, takes about three seconds regardless of distance. To
travel to a different dimension, a rift must be opened, which is
also possible with a stone pyramid.
All True Atlanteans know how to teleport using stone pyramids.
The teleportation process is so exact that the individual can teleport
himself, even if standing in a crowd, or take as many as two
dozen people, or 50 tons, along with him.
Teleportation can be conducted inside or outside of a pyramid.
There is no particular chamber or location required to perform a
teleport, as long as the teleporter is standing completely on or
inside the pyramid. Standing at the base of a stone pyramid is
not sufficient.
P.P.E. Cost (drawn from the pyramid’s reserves): 100
12. Dimensional teleportation via pyramids. The concept is identical
to the conventional teleport described in number eleven, except
on a dimensional scale. The same type of mystic grid connects
all the nexus pyramids in other-dimensions. If the character knows
the location of one of these other dimensional pyramids he can
momentarily open a dimensional rift and teleport from one dimensional
plane to another. Typically, a character can find any dimension
he has visited or knows about and which has a stone pyramid
located at a ley line nexus.
An experienced stone master can open the rift, instantly link
up to all the available pyramids, and mentally sense and scan/
search the dimensions for pyramids connected to a desired dimension
without having ever been to the dimension or having any
prior knowledge about it. The searching process takes about 60
The opening of a dimensional rift to another pyramid takes 30
seconds (two melee rounds). Once opened, the character simply
steps through and the dimensional doorway instantly closes. This
is a very safe way to travel the dimensions, because there is no
risk of opening the rift to the wrong dimension or letting some
undesirable monster into or out of the world you are leaving.
Why? Because the pyramids are linked on a cosmic grid of ley
line energy. The activation of the dimensional rift instantly activates
that link to stone pyramids in other dimensions and makes
them available to D-travelers.
All True Atlanteans understand dimensional teleportation using
stone pyramids. The big difference is that to dimensional teleport,
the person must enter into the rift. Vehicles and multiple individuals
can enter if the rift is held open longer than a few seconds.
The average True Atlantean can hold the portal open for a
maximum of 15 seconds (one melee round), but a stone master
of any race can hold the portal open for 15 seconds per level of
Dimensional teleportation can be conducted inside or outside
of a pyramid, but only at the very top of the structure (usually
an open platform outside).
P.P.E. Cost (drawn from the pyramid’s reserves): 500 each time
a rift is opened regardless of how long it is held open; seconds
or minutes.
13. Dimensional portal/rift. This is your classic dimensional rift, a
two-way door to another dimension that is NOT linked to any
pyramids. The portal can be opened to a specific world or random
dimension. All the usual dangers and difficulties of creating a rift
The rift will remain open for 60 seconds per level of the portal
opener. However, there is a 1-40% chance that the doorway will
get stuck, staying open for 3D4 minutes longer than the character
desires. There is also a 1-53% chance that a being from another
dimension may usurp control of the dimensional portal if the
portal connects to the beings home dimension or plane of existence.
This is especially true of powerful alien intelligence(s) like the
Splugorth, vampires, and so-called demons and gods. Having a
rift usurped means that the character who originally opened the
portal has completely lost all control over it. The alien intelligence
who dominates that world controls the portal and can instantly
close it, or keep it open and/or send its minions into the rift and
into the world connected by the portal.
Note: All conventional rifts can only connect two worlds at a
time. Multi-dimensional rifts connecting three or more worlds
simultaneously are not possible. The few attempts to link several
worlds by using one rift have been unique experiments and have
always resulted in disaster (see Ancient Atlantis).
P.P.E. Cost (drawn from the pyramid’s reserves): 1000 each tune
a rift is opened regardless of how long it is held open; seconds
or minutes. Creating a dimensional portal is not possible at
pyramids located on ley lines unless at peak power level (800
P.P.E.) and even then the mage will be required to use his own
energy and possibly additional P.P.E. to get the 1000 P.P.E.
points necessary to create the rift.
Note Number Two: Stone masters cannot summon specific
beings to them, like the Shifter can