The Oasis

The Oasis

A place that was long ago named the Salem-Technoplex was now a thriving settlement known as an Oasis; Home to the Corinthian Chapter House.
When the collapse happened there were some clinging to the idea that things could return to normalcy, but those who knew and felt that the tide of the ages had indeed come, and now was the time of creating a new path, and a new legacy.
A group of visiting monks – all with degrees in various sciences were visiting a research facility. They were there to undergo several exams to test their reaction time and minds for various reasons. Their leader, Master Si Ling was a man of about 50, and having spent his entire life in religious pursuits, was also very down to earth. It was part of what made him a great teacher. He suspected they were testing to see if his monks could detect the presence of the genetically altered creatures being developed at the Salem-Works facility, based on the exams – enshrouding the entire thing in scientific buzzwords in an attempt to mask the psionics aspect of it. ((These beings were the first test pilots of the Enders of this facility?))

Meanwhile Dr. Hanis Alfein along with others in a very high level corporate research team codenamed Corinth – welcomed them that day. About 12 monks showed up , all ready to do tests and work with the scientists; both groups were mutually delighted with the exchange. The Scientists found the monks to be socially and spiritually advanced, as well as knowledgeable about their own work to the point of astonishment. The Monks also found the scientist far less worldly than they had imagined, some were indeed spiritual and more similar to them than the rest of the world. The day of the attack they all became family.

After the barrage of explosions great fissures opened up changing the terrain drastically. A few moments turned this vast city into a mass grave. One of the groups that survived was Alfein and Si-Ling’s group. Though it took years they were finally able to get themselves back to the surface..

Having lost much of their tech save hydroponics and life support, they formed a society and a religion based on a wealth of knowledge and tradition that was to be a distillation of the Western and Eastern worlds. Much of that is still lost in time and mystery as the Chapter house in existence today, is much larger but just as spiritual, but secluded and sectarian. They believe they best have a grip on humanity’s folly and decline as part of a larger cycle you can perceive when your mind is in a meditative state.  At one point there were books written called the “Literal” and the “Metaphoric”. These hold the doctrine as well as flowery wisdom handed down from the ages. ___

Scene open:
The camera sinks down looking at a cross section of the earth as it descends. Rocks boulders are seen as it pans as well as an ominous skeleton before a large layer of futuristic techno debris. It continues for some time down and then light.
Briefly you see quick flashes of people living in great hollowed out caverns but the camera mercilessly pans down past that, as well.

Then several more layers down you see embedded in the rock plasteel-looking substance and a slowly blinking light.
“Re-Initiate dormant mode after the scan…I doubt we’ll sense any compatible DNA here encrusted as we are”. The tortured AI sleeps again…


_______Present Era____________

Mud slid slowly down marcus’s souped up recovery mech. The tin can was powerful but more fragile than you would expect looking at it’s bulky grey metallic frame. The rain let up and he ventured out – the lightning stopped and lately lightning was more dangerous than the Plains Cannibals. This was the third day in a row he felt it; the call. It happened after the last big rumble when the crack appeared. The Crack. The prophecy..Hmph.

He went down again into the solitary and yet inviting depths and eventually found it…….

Psionic Power List

Temporary unedited list 1


Telepathy The ability to project or receive mental messages, images, and impressions over distance. This can also be used to read surface thoughts.

Memory Hypnosis/Mind Control – The ability to forcibly take over someone’s mind and force them to remember what you want them to. This can be undone by thinking about the false memory too hard.

Emotional Inducement – The subtle ability to influence the emotional state of others, with low chance of detection and larger range of influence. A skilled user can whip up a crowd into a frenzy.

Belief Inducement – The ability to temporarily make someone believe something to be true. This is powerful but generally short lived, unless you are a prime.

Awareness Enhanced – The ability to notice small and large patterns in the universe, you are Sherlock Holmes.
Spatial-temporal Awareness/Mental Navigation – This power is generally expressed only on the macro level. It gives greatly enhanced situational/tactical awareness on the local level and navigational abilities on the macro level.

Biofeedback – The ability to fully control your body’s responses, this power can be used to heal yourself as well as push your body to it’s limits. Use it wisely.

Mental fortitude – The ability to put up great mental barriers as well as withstand impossible levels of mental stress.

Psionic Genius – The ability to increase your raw ability to process information as well as make connections others miss.

Bio-Manipulation – The ability to cause pain, pleasure or otherwise affect another person’s physiological state.

Empathy/Animal Empathy – The ability to put yourself in someone else’s emotional state and know EXACTLY how they are feeling and usually why.

Enhanced Memory – Eidetic memory with 0 negative effect. Call details from your past with ease. This ability also lets you read at an astonishing rate.

Mind Link – Like the vulcans.


Telemechanics – The ability to control and enter machines with only your mind. Requires physical connection. (or wifi)

Apportation – Materialization, disappearance or teleportation of an object.

Energy field manipulation – The ability to control energy fields, electrical , plasma, magnetic. This ability grants immunity to all energy damage.

Biofeedback – The ability to fully control your body’s responses, this power can be used to heal yourself as well as push your body to it’s limits. Use it wisely.

Psionic Healing – The amazing ability to link with wounded flesh and accelerate the healing process. This requires concentration on the target.

Psionic Manipulation/Telekinesis – The ability to move and manipulate objects with mass.

Psychic Constructs

Psionic Sight – The ability to see all spectrums of light including, magnetic fields, infrared, thermal, and 20/20 Hawk vision

Psionic Body Augmentation – The ability to increase your physical traits of endurance, defense and strength beyond normal human levels.

Omnikinesis – { Manifests in a number of ways.

  1. Pyrokinesis – The ability to manipulate heat with the use of the mind.
  2. Electrokinesis – The ability to manipulate electrical fields with only the use of the mind.
  3. Magnokinesis – The ability to manipulate magnetic fields with only the use of the mind.
  4. Photokinesis – The ability to manipulate light with only the use of the mind.
  5. Hydrokinesis – The ability to manipulate water with only the use of the mind.
  6. Aerokinesis – The ability to manipulate air with only the use of the mind.




Aura reading – Perception of energy fields surrounding people, places and things.

Psychic Navigation – The ability to go into a trance and navigate the Jump Gates.

Aura Reading – You can see auras. Very telling and automatic ability, you can tell if someone is evil, good, old, young, destined for greatness, or just destined to be in your path. A skilled reader usually becomes a high level advisor.
Curse – The ability to give someone various curses that have all sorts of dastardly effects.

Evil Eye – The ability to cause pain, pleasure or otherwise affect another person’s physiological state.
Psionic Possession – Ability to possess another’s body.  

Spirit Companion – Ability to summon an ancestor spirit!

Divination – The ability to accurately or semi accurately, using a physical medium such as cards or tea leaves to read someone’s aura, immediate future or specific questions.

Precognitive Dreaming – Getting dreams that will give you insight into the future.

Clairvoyance – The ability to see flashes of things either current or future.

Precognition – The ability to see into the future through indirect perception; However since the exact future is not perceivable due to the fact that the future is always changing, it is highly unlikely to ever get an exact image of what is to come. (Not selectable for PC’s)

Retrocognition – The ability to see into the past through direct perception. Being at the location or using a physical object is required.

Channeling – The ability to receive a spiritual entity;

Astral Projection – The ability to project one’s astral/ethereal form away from the physical world.

Wraith Part 78

Game from July till now! — Space Psi Primes

You awake on the ship. Same ship you’ve been on for the last 3 years. The ship is a large colonial transport vessel – which In your part of this galaxy means its like a giant space bus shipping people too poor to drive themselves to new homes.

You get a vidtrans in your room.
It’s the annoying administrator,
This is the 60th time he’s called these last 3 years.. Same story everytime, ” I’m sorry to ask again computers are glitching… You’re in room 419.. Who are you again?”